COVID-19 Response Coordination

The COVID-19 Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is currently operating at a Level 1, with a focus on:

  • Situational awareness
    • Impacts to critical services (current and expected)
    • Staff absenteeism (retroactive, every pay period)
    • PHO orders
    • Local, regional, Canadian, and global trends
  • Coordinate COVID response functions
    • Address critical service impacts
    • Support proof-of-vaccination program
    • Support issues resolution and information sharing through EOC COVID-19 Director's Forum
  • Communication
    • Public - keep the public informed of service impacts and alternatives
    • Council - keep Council informed of service impacts and alternatives
    • Staff - keep staff informed of service impacts and alternatives, staff absenteeism, PHO orders, and trends applicate to CoV
  • Support health and community partners if requested

EOC key contacts:

  • Daniel Stevens, Director, VEMA (EOC Director)
  • Miranda Myles, Manager, Community Resilience (EOC Planning Chief)