Man holding bank card while on laptop

Pay your taxes through your bank or credit union

Paying your taxes through your bank's online services is the fastest way to pay and get an instant confirmation receipt. 

Note Know your bank's transaction cut off time for online payments. Transactions made before the cut off time will be processed the same day. Transactions made on or after the cut off time will be processed the next business day.

You can also pay your taxes at the bank in person or by phone.

Access your property tax account

Log in to your account

Set up an online account. You will need your access code. It can be found on your tax notice.

Get your property tax account balance. No login or registration required.

Banks may require you to register before accepting tax payment

 Your bank may require you to register a payee before they will accept your payment in-branch, at an ATM, by phone, or online. Registration can usually be done online or by visiting your branch.

Pay online: Property tax

If you do online banking with a Canadian bank, you can pay your taxes online.

Before you pay your property tax online, you will need to:

Pay online: Empty Homes Tax

If you do online banking with a Canadian bank, you can pay your taxes online.

Before you pay your Empty Homes Tax online, you will need to:

Visit the bank: Property tax and Empty Homes Tax

You can pay your property taxes and Empty Homes Tax in person or by ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

Please contact your bank prior to arriving at your bank or using an ATM:

  • You will often need to bring your original tax notice (Property tax notice for property tax; Vacancy Tax notice for Empty Homes Tax) and stub when visiting your bank in person.
  • You will need to set up an ATM service through your bank first before you try to pay through an ATM. 

 Keep your ATM receipt as proof of your property tax and Empty Homes Tax payment date.Sometimes there is a delay when processing payments through ATM machines. (Contact your bank to check whether or not there is a delay when using their machines.)

Empty Homes Tax due dates

Previous years' unpaid tax added to property tax bill: December 31, 2020

Declaration for 2020: February 2, 2021

Empty Homes Tax payment for 2020: April 16, 2021

Property tax due dates

Advance taxes: February 2, 2021

Main taxes: July 5, 2021

​​​​​​​Home owner grant: July 5, 2021 (Grant may be claimed once the main tax notice is received.)

Remember to claim your home owner grant online

You must claim your home owner grant each year, even if you are paying through your mortgage or deferring your payment. 

Financial institutions no longer accept home owner grants.

Starting 2018, there is no option to mail home owner grants. Don’t have computer access? With your permission, anyone can apply on your behalf. 

Claim your grant online