Pet regulations and fines


Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are responsible for enforcing the Animal Control Bylaw. The bylaw regulates a range of topics, including:

  • Off-leash dogs (outside of designated off-leash areas)
  • Unlicensed dogs
  • Aggressive animals
  • Banned animals
  • Backyard chickens

Depending on the specific circumstances, a violation of the bylaw may result in:  

  • A Warning Notice (an "AC notice")
  • A Bylaw Violation Notice (a BVN)
  • A Municipal Ticket Information (an MTI)
  • A Prosecution Report (a long form ticket)

The penalties range from a warning or a fine to prosecution in court. 

Pay your ticket

Add information to a complaint file

If you have information to add to any animal complaint file, contact Animal Control at 3-1-1.

You will need to provide contact information (work, home, and cell phone numbers) so that staff may follow up if they need to.

Contact Animal Services

1280 Raymur Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A 3L8

Street parking is limited on Raymur and Malkin. Park on neighbouring streets.

Phone: 604-873-7000
Fax: 604-871-6862

Animal Services hours

Daily, 10am to 6pm

Pet adoption 

By appointment only, email

Closed on holidays.