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Because of the Raymur Pump Station upgrades, Raymur Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic at Malkin Avenue. Access to Animal Services will be retained through Raymur Avenue.

Street parking is limited on Raymur Avenue and Malkin Avenue. We recommend parking on neighbouring streets.

Pet ownership comes with many responsibilities.

Whether you are a pet owner, looking to adopt an animal, or curious about regulations, the City provides assistance with:

  • Dog licences
  • Animal care
  • Pet adoption and fostering
  • Local animal shelters

Our goal is to protect and safeguard the health of the community, while promoting responsible pet ownership.

Here you will find information about being a good "pet parent", how you can help other animals in the community, and who to talk to if you have questions or concerns.

Find an off-leash dog park

Dogs running in a park

Check out Vancouver's off-leash dog parks and areas.

Off-leash dog areas

Contact Animal Services

1280 Raymur Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A 3L8

Street parking is limited on Raymur and Malkin. Park on neighbouring streets.

Phone: 604-873-7000
Fax: 604-871-6862

Animal Services hours

Daily, 10am to 6pm

Pet adoption 

By appointment only, email

Closed on holidays.

Pets in Vancouver

Dog licences and tags

Buying a new dog licence or managing an existing dog licence. How having a dog licence helps keep your dog and other dogs safe.

Care for your pet

Get resources to care for your pets: advice to be a responsible pet owner, dog classes, off-leash dog areas, spay and neuter information, and pet emergency tips.

Adopt a pet

Find out what pets you can adopt from Vancouver Animal Services and how our pet adoption process works.

Donate and volunteer

Find out how you can help Vancouver Animal Services take care of pets waiting for adoption.

Report a pet incident

If you or a pet animal is involved in an incident, including a dog bite or attack, find out how to report it to ensure everyone's safety.

Lost pets

Find information on what to do if you have lost a pet or found a stray pet in Vancouver.

Pet regulations and fines

Find information on the animal control bylaw, regulations, and fines for pets including backyard chickens, unlicensed dogs, and more.

Barking dogs

The Animal Control Bylaw does not allow barking dogs to excessively bother someone at any time of day. Learn how to report excessive barking to the City.

Dog waste collection

Learn more about the pilot dog waste collection program and how it aligns with the Zero Waste goal.