Problems with water quality or pressure

Have a problem with water quality or water pressure at your home or business? We can help you find the source of the problem.

We also fix problems in areas we maintain on public property.

Use this guide to find the next steps to resolve problems with water quality and pressure. When we suggest to call a plumber, you may be able to repair the problem yourself.

The City is responsible for providing water up to the property line. Before contacting us, ensure you have checked for potential sources of the problem on your property.

Problem Request a City water service crew Call a plumber
Cloudy or brown (turbid) water from your taps or your neighbour's taps that doesn't clear up, even after running cold water for up to 30 minutes

Water discoloured, has a poor taste, or smell

No water flowing from all taps in your home or in your neighbours' homes

Sudden drop in water pressure in your entire home and several neighbours are affected

Low water pressure or no water flowing from any taps in your home and none of your neighbours are affected

Sudden high water pressure  

Excessively hot water or no hot water at all  

Low water pressure in only one faucet, tap, or fixture  

Water doesn't work in one area of your home or water pipes may be frozen  

Request a City water service crew

When you request a City crew to investigate a water quality or pressure problem:

  • For non-emergencies, only a property owner, and not a tenant, can request the City to dispatch a crew.
  • Someone who can approve the possibility that the City may charge for the service call will need to be on site to let the crew in when they arrive.

Report water quality or pressure issues

Water service call fees and hours

Fees are based on the scheduled time of your service call. Tax is included.

Scheduled time of service call

Cost per service call
(per hour or portion thereof)

Regular service calls  
Monday to Friday, 7am to 3:30pm $120
Emergency service calls   
  • Monday to Friday, 3:30pm to 7am
  • Weekends, anytime
  • Statutory holidays, anytime
(includes follow-ups within 2 hours)

 We cover the cost of repairing water service leaks on City property only. If you request a service call and the cause of the leak is on private property, we will bill the property owner for the fees above. We don't repair water leaks on private property.

Flooding and drainage issues

Find out who to call when you have water problems.

Floods and backups