Train image on sidewalk

Rain paint idea contest - Thanks for helping Vancouver sing in the rain!

Rain paint only appears on our sidewalks and streets when it gets wet.

The Rain Paint Idea Contest invited residents to submit their creative ideas for stencils celebrating the rain and some of Vancouver’s best qualities — public space, sustainability and resiliency, and the city’s relationship to water — that were then painted into public areas using paint that only reveals itself when it gets wet. 

Of the more than 50 submissions received, ranging from sketches to diagrams, paintings, and even a recorded song, three were selected as inspiration for designer Jeff Kulak as he developed the final stencils.

Share your pictures

Use hashtag #RainCityStrategy on social media, and let us know what you think of the designs.

Child holding umbrella - by City of White Rock, Jeff Kulak

Image by: The City of White Rock, Jeff Kulak, Designer


Theme Location Name

Public space

Helena Gutteridge Plaza  Hop Zone

Green infrastructure

63rd and Yukon Plaza Loop

Water quality

Milton Wong Plaza
(formerly Olympic Village Square)