Renewing and upgrading your sewer connection

Sewer backup caused by tree roots

As a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining the sewer lines on your property, up to where it meets the City's sewer connection.

Maintenance may involve renewing your sewer lines by relining pipes to extend their life span, or by replacing them entirely (with pipes resistant to tree roots, for example).

To upgrade your sewer lines, call a private plumbing contractor to help you to determine the scope of the work. Your contractor would contact the City to obtain permits before the work starts, and to inspect the work after it's completed.

Methods for repairing and renewing sewer connections

The main methods for renewing a sewer connection from the home to where the home sewer line meets the main sewer line are:

  • Open trenching - existing sewer lines are excavated and replaced
  • Pipe bursting - existing sewer lines are replaced in their place
  • Pipe relining - repairing existing sewer lines temporarily until a more permanent solution can be found

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We are working toward the Province of BC's environmental goal to eliminate sewage overflows.


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Water Works By-law

Prescribes standards and regulations for the water works system, including the fixing of rates, charges, and conditions for the supply of water.

Sewer and Watercourse By-law

Prescribes standards and regulations for the maintenance and operation of the City of Vancouver stormwater and wastewater management, and water supply.