Did we miss your garbage or green bin?

1. Check why your items weren't picked up

If there is no tag on your bins explaining why your items weren't picked up, check if:  

  • They were not set out by 7am on the collection day
  • The collection crew has not reached the address yet (crews work in some areas until 8pm) 
  • A statutory holiday has changed the collection schedule

Other reasons why items may be missed include:

Illustration of how garbage, green, recycling bins should be spaced out

  • Unusual weather
  • Construction or other traffic delays
  • Unexpected equipment breakdowns
  • Vegetation encroachments or parked vehicles near bins
  • Unacceptable items or decal on bins

If none of the above conditions apply and you think we missed your pickup, continue to step 2.

2. Enter your information to report a missed pickup

Enter your address or, if you have entered your address before, select the collection that was missed and follow the directions provided.

3. Help us collect your garbage and green bin

Green Bin pilot non-compliance tagIf collection crews could not pick up the contents of your bins:

  1. Read the missed pickup tag carefully.
  2. Correct the problem.
    Find ways to dispose of items the City does not pick up
  3. Place accepted items out on your next scheduled garbage or recycling collection date.

What the City picks up


Dispose of items the right way. Learn what goes in your garbage bin.

Green bin – food scraps and yard waste

Compostable and organic materials like food waste, food scraps, food soiled paper, and yard trimmings belong in the green bin.

Reporting a missed recycling collection

GFL Environmental (formerly Smithrite Disposal Ltd) collects your recycling.

Phone 604-282-7966 or email srrecycle@gflenv.com to report a missed recycling collection.

Items not collected curbside

Recycling and disposal facilities

Not everything can go into your collection bins. Find out how to dispose of items at one of our facilities.