Safe gardening on streets

Garden safely on City streets

Gardens on City streets are close to vehicle traffic. You can keep yourself safe while gardening if you remember these tips.

Be visible

Garden during daylight hours and when the weather provides clear visibility. Garden when traffic is light rather than during peak traffic hours. Your experience will be safer and more enjoyable.

Wear a safety vest or other bright clothing when working in your street garden. The Green Streets Program provides safety vests to all gardeners that would like one.

Be alert

Pay special attention out for passing bicycles and motor vehicles, especially when working in traffic circles.

Access corner bulges from the sidewalk and not from street. Avoid standing on the street or having your back towards traffic while tending your garden. Stand in the garden or along the sidewalk edge.

Be responsible

Make sure that children are closely supervised if they are helping with your street garden. It is not recommended that children help with traffic circle gardens.

Keep an eye on your personal belongings. Keep hoses, tools, and gardening supplies off the street and sidewalk. Unattended tools can be a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists.