Autumn leaves

Seasonal leaf collection

Extra leaf collection

Extra leaf collection weekends are scheduled for this year:

  • October 21 and 22 - north collection zones 
  • October 28 and 29 - south collection zones
  • November 18 and 19 - north collection zones
  • November 25 and 26 - south collection zones
  • December 9 and 10 - north collection zones
  • December 16 and 17 - south collection zones
  • January 13 and 14, 2024 - north collection zones
  • January 20 and 21, 2024 - south collection zones

Find your pickup days by reviewing the collection schedule (695 KB) or enter your address into VanCollect.

Tips for ensuring pick-up

  • Put extra leaves into paper bags or store-bought bins (maximum 100 litres). 
  • Set out your leaves for collection before 7am on the scheduled Saturday.
  • Place the extra leaf bags or bins in the same location that you set out your garbage.
  • Keep filled paper leaf bags as dry as possible before setting them out to help prevent them from tearing during collection.
  • Download the VanCollect app for collection reminders to avoid missed collections.
  • Do not set out your Green Bin on extra leaf collection weekends.
  • Do not use plastic bags of any kind, even those labelled as compostable or biodegradable.

Leaves and other yard trimmings collected from residents’ properties, boulevard, and sidewalks can be put into your Green Bin year-round.  

As part of our fall leaf program, we coordinate extra leaf collection for residents with Green Bin service and leaf removal from City streets.

Need a reminder?

Download the VanCollect app and sign-up for leaf collection reminders.

Do your part

Never rake or blow leaves onto catch basins, streets, sidewalks, or bike lanes.

Raking or blowing leaves onto the street or sidewalk can create a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists, can cause flooding, and is a fineable offence under the Street and Traffic By-Law. 

More options for extra leaves

More fall leaf programs

Leaf removal from City streets

City crews remove leaves from streets on a regular basis from November to January. Please move your vehicle during street cleaning.

Adopt a catch basin

Help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood, adopt a catch basin to care for.

Compost soil

The Vancouver Landfill composting facility creates compost from yard trimmings for sale and donation. You may pick up compost from the landfill.

Keep roads safe

Piles of wet leaves create slippery road conditions, block visibility, and flood drains and nearby areas.

Be a good neighbour: please remove leaves around storm drains.

Raking or blowing leaves onto the street is a fineable offence under the Street and Traffic By-Law (up to $10,000). There are no City By-laws that require residents to clear sidewalks of leaves.

See the rule in the Street and Traffic Bylaw, Section 84

Report flooding

Report non-emergency flooding on streets and sidewalks in the city online with Van311.

Leaf blowers

Types of leaf blowers allowed and when they can be used. Leaf blowers cannot be operated in the West End.