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Get a commercial sewer and water connection permit

Building a house or laneway house?

​​​​​​​Houses or laneway houses go through a different application process than commercial sewer and water permits.​​​​​​​ Apply for a residential sewer and water line connection (Step 2D)​​​​​​​

A sewer and water connection permit allows you to connect your new property with our water, sanitary, and stormwater sewer services.

Separate sewer and water connection permits are needed when you are building a new commercial building or renovating an existing building.

Steps to getting a commercial sewer and water connection permit

After you get your permit

If you already have your permit and want to know when you'll get your connections, use our questionnaire to find out what happens next.

Contact sewer and water permits

Heat pump rebate and energy efficient enquiries

We do not administer heat pump rebate applications.

Contact a Clean BC Better Homes Energy Coach through their online form or by phone 1-844-881-9790.

Find out more about heat pumps