View of solar PV panel roof

Solar photovoltaic panels

Apply for a permit for a residential solar photovoltaic (PV) panel system to collect the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity.

The most common type of residential solar system is a grid-tied system, which allows the building to use its own solar-generated electricity. When the system isn’t producing electricity at night, electricity is provided by the electrical grid. Recent technology improvements have allowed for:

  • Easier installations
  • Lighter panels
  • More cost effective solutions

One of the benefits of a grid-tied system is that any excess electricity produced by the system can be fed back to the electrical grid through a process known as net metering.

Apply for a solar PV permit

  1. Download our permit guide (242 KB).
  2. Contact the Development and Building Services Centre
  3. Staff will assess your eligibility and determine the type of permit you need and whether or not a design review is required. Review the criteria  (52 KB) An electrical permit is required.
  4. Gather your submission requirements as set out in our guide, and submit your permit application.
    Submit  application
    If you need a development or building permit, use this checklist  (193 KB) while preparing your submission.
  5. Receive your permits to begin construction.