St George St traffic circle

St George Rainway

St George Street was once home to te Statlew, also known as St George Creek. In the early 1900’s, this historic creek was buried underground to make way for roads and houses. The St George Rainway aims to honour this historic waterway through green rainwater infrastructure features that manages rainwater from local streets and sidewalks.

The rainway has potential to not only provide essential rainwater management services, but also, creates opportunities for education and placemaking, and provide traffic calming, street improvements, and more greenery and biodiversity to the neighbourhood.

St George Rainway: Project overview (3 MB)

Walking with the Current: A Sensorial Walk along St George Street Toolkit (402 KB)

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If you live, work, or play near St George Street north of Broadway, we want to hear your ideas for the future of St George Street.

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Phase 1 engagement summary: vision and values  (601 KB)
Phase 2 engagement summary: co-design for co-benefits  (8.7 MB)