Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan

When to not use TIPP

The TIPP can't be used to pay:

  • Current or overdue taxes, so make sure all outstanding taxes including the advance and main tax notices are paid in full before submitting your application
  • Your Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax)

The Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan (TIPP) helps you pay next year's taxes automatically by deducting the property taxes you owe from your Canadian chequing account. 

The TIPP offers two payment options to prepay your taxes:

Access your property tax account

The fastest and easiest way to access your account and declared property status.

Log in to your account

Set up an online account. You will need your access code. It can be found on your tax notice.

Property tax due dates

Advance taxes: February 2, 2024

Main taxes: July 3, 2024

Home owner grant: July 3, 2024 (Grant may be claimed once the main tax notice is received.)

When to contact us

Contact a TIPP administrator or the Property Tax Department before submitting an application if:

  • The property is owned by a company, or 
  • Property taxes are paid by a mortgage company, or
  • Property taxes are paid through the provincial deferment program

Types of plans

Option 1: Monthly and balance plan

Up to 10 monthly prepayments are withdrawn from your bank account on the first day of each month from August through May (except February) and the greater of prepayment amount, or the balance withdrawal, each year on the second business day of: 

  • February to pay the advance tax notice
  • July to pay the main tax notice

 There's no withdrawal each year in June.

Option 2: Balance only plan

Balance only withdrawals are automatically debited from your bank account each year on the second business day of: 

  • February to pay the advance tax notice
  • July to pay the main tax notice

Apply for the plan

Change or cancel your prepayment plan

Note TIPP instalments and earned interest are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any credit must be adjusted between buyer and seller through vendor statement of adjustments if property is being sold; otherwise any credit will remain on account to be applied towards property taxes. 

Missed a payment?

We may charge you an administration fee if you miss a payment for any reason (insufficient funds, closing your account without letting us know – any reason that could result in your payment being returned).

We may also cancel your participation in the Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan if you dishonour two consecutive prepayments or balance withdrawals.