City trees

City trees

Vancouver supports a diverse and healthy urban forest. Our streets have over 140,000 trees.

Removing trees on your property

A tree removal permit allows you to take out, move, or replace trees on your property.

How we care for trees

The City and Park Board arborists:

  • Maintain trees that along streets and boulevards, and in parks
  • Grow trees at our tree farm 
  • Plant thousands of new trees each year
  • Prune and remove trees
  • Deal with tree pests and diseases.

We can also help with additional street beautification projects and prepare planting sites around the base of public trees. Extra flowers that couldn't be planted in public parks are available for these planting sites.

How you can help

  1. Watch out for vandalism of trees. 
  2. Be careful around young trees when you use a lawnmower or weed trimmer.
  3. Water newly-planted trees over their roots twice per week – especially in hot, dry weather. Two watering cans or five to ten minutes from a slow-running hose will do.
  4. Participate with your school or community group in Arbor Week tree-planting activities.
  5. Take an educational program about tree care.

Trees on private property

If there is a safety issue with a tree on private property, this is the responsibility of the property owner to address.

Do you have a concern about a tree being removed or about to be removed? Report a suspected unauthorized tree removal

Vandalism and car accidents involving trees

We repair or replace trees that have been vandalized or damaged due to car accidents, and we recover damages to pay for repairs or replacements.

Claims for replacement for a mature tree can be as high as $20,000.

Bylaws protecting our trees

Protection of Trees By-law

Preserves, protects, and strengthens our urban forest, while permitting property owners to remove trees for property maintenance and development.

Street Tree Bylaw

Regulates the Vancouver Park Board's care, condition, and management of trees on boulevards and medians of City-owned streets.