Planning a liveable, sustainable city

In Vancouver, urban planning focuses on liveability.

In Vancouver, urban planning focuses on liveability.

That means creating a city of neighbourhoods where people can work, play, and shop.

It also means creating urban environments where residents feel supported and engaged, and can enjoy a vibrant street life with their fellow residents.

In building our liveable, sustainable city, the City:

  • Creates communities that prioritize sustainable modes of transportation, minimizing our dependance on cars
  • Facilitates high-quality urban design that contributes to an attractive, functional, memorable, and safe city
  • Incorporates parks and open spaces, sidewalks and walkways, bodies of water, trees, landscaping and lighting into our urban fabric
  • Protects the beauty of the city and its surroundings, while allowing for density and growth

Urban planning

Vancouver Plan

The Vancouver Plan will be a strategic, long-range plan that collectively guides our city to 2050 and beyond.

Development process redesign

Development process redesign is a comprehensive review of our development process functions involving multiple City departments.

Major planning projects

Explore the many ongoing planning projects that are helping to solidify Vancouver's reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Neighbourhood planning projects

Community plans are important road maps that provide clear but flexible frameworks to guide positive change and development in neighbourhoods

Community benefits from development

New developments help fund infrastructure, services, and public amenities for our growing city so it's liveable for all.


Our long-term goal is to protect as many historically important buildings, sites, and trees as possible.

Regional Context Statement

The Regional Context Statement demonstrates how the City's existing plans and policies support the goals, strategies and actions identified in Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy.

Regulation Redesign: Updated Zoning and Development By-law

The updated Zoning and Development By-law will come into effect on November 14, 2022.

Urban Design Awards

The Urban Design Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in architecture and urban design in Vancouver.