Utilities locations and construction

Vancouver has 1,450 km of water pipes, and 2,800 km of sewer pipes.

Every modern city has a complex network of sewer, water, telephone, electrical, steam and data / voice communication carrier pipes below ground, as well as a network of wires criss-crossing streets.

Because utility installations (above and below ground) need to be a safe distance from one another, City staff review proposed construction to ensure they meet all requirements, policies, procedures and protocols.

Finding utilities in your area

To find out information about utilities in your area, contact BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 (or *6886 on your cell phone).

Learning about utilities design and construction

The City has produced a utilities design and construction manual with information about the City's standards and specifications.

Download the manual 

The City is here to help

If you have utility-related questions or concerns, call 3-1-1. They can help with

  • Temporary utility markings (i.e. paint and/or flags) showing the location of their underground facilities
  • Moving or adjusting power poles and anchors
  • Noise generated by electrical transformers and other public utility facilities
  • Objects hanging from overhead wires
  • Wires hanging off the pole
  • Utility boxes or manhole covers
  • Work being done on City property by Telus, BC Hydro, Terasen, etc 

Contact the Sewer / Water Counter

Sewer / Water Counter
Engineering Services
4th Floor, 507 Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Phone 604-873-7357