Report abandoned garbage and illegal dumping on City property

Use our app to report abandoned garbage

The fastest way to report abandoned garbage on public property in your neighbourhood is using our online tool.

You'll need the abandoned garbage location, description of garbage, and an optional photo.

Due to the high demand for removing abandoned garbage, it may take some time before City staff are able to collect the reported garbage.

Illegal dumping on private property

Phone the Vancouver Police Department's non-emergency line: 604-717-3321.

VanConnect app not loading for some iOS and Android users

How to solve the issue

Android users

  1. Go into device settings for the app and clear the app's storage or data
  2. Re-launch the app and log back in

iOS users

  1. Log out of the app and log back in
  2. If this feature is not accessible, uninstall and reinstall the app