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Employment Lands and Economy Review

Did you know? 

  • Vancouver is home to one third of the region’s jobs 
  • 10% of Vancouver's land allows for jobs only
  • 50% of Vancouver's jobs are located on only 10% of its land 
  • Demand for industrial space is at a historic high 

The Employment Lands and Economy Review (ELER) was a comprehensive research and engagement process designed to inform the economic foundation of both the Vancouver Plan (222 MB) process and the Broadway Plan.

It involved a review of key economic issues and challenges in the city and forecasts of anticipated employment space demand to 2051 and was completed in 2020.

The project included an analysis of the characteristics of Vancouver’s economy, change over time and projections for the future including an analysis of the city’s capacity to accommodate job growth over the long term under existing policy and zoning.

Fact sheets

The fact sheets contain information on the structure, sectors, and employment areas of the Vancouver economy.

Fact sheets were completed in 2020, mainly using data from the Statistics Canada Census of 2016.

Council reports, implementation, and engagement


The Employment Lands and Economy Review took place in two phases:

  • Spring 2019 - winter 2020

    Phase I

    Identifying economic challenges, demand scenarios, and gap analysis

  • Winter 2020 - summer 2020

    Phase II

    Policy development and recommendations

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