Employment Lands and Economy Review

We’re developing a long-range land use policy plan to ensure we have an appropriate supply of land for businesses and jobs to support the future growth of our economy.

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Help us develop recommendations for possible policy changes for supporting employment lands and our economic future by taking our survey. The survey closes April 22, 2019.

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Take our Vancouver workers survey to help us understand the current opportunities and challenges facing workers in Vancouver.

Input from the survey will help us develop land use policies to support future jobs and the growth of Vancouver's economy. The survey is open to workers in Vancouver and residents who live in Vancouver and work outside the city. The survey closes April 22, 2019.

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Why now?

Vancouver has a limited supply of commercial and industrial land. Today, about half of all jobs in Vancouver are located on 10% of our land base.

As the population continues to grow, our economy will need to keep pace. Understanding the current capacity of Vancouver’s employment lands, along with the future demand for job space, will be essential to ensuring a strong and diverse economy for future generations.

The Employment Lands and Economy Review will examine all of Vancouver’s employment sectors across the city, including office, commercial, retail, and industrial uses. It will build on Vancouver’s strengths and look at issues such as the intensification and densification of our employment lands.

The review will help inform the next Regional Context Statement (RCS), required by the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy external website icon.

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Engagement sessions


The Employment Lands and Economy Review is scheduled to take place in three phases:

  • Spring - fall 2018

    Phase I

    Understanding yesterday and today

  • Fall 2018 – spring 2019

    Phase II

    Projecting tomorrow

  • Spring 2019 - winter 2020

    Phase III

    Policies and actions for the future

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