Vancouver Plan: Implementing the Plan

Vancouver Plan

In November 2023, the Province introduced housing legislation (Bill 44, 46, and 47) with the goal of increasing housing supply. These align with our ongoing work as part of the Vancouver Plan. 

We are currently in the implementation phase of the Vancouver Plan.  

Review the Vancouver Plan (16 MB)

The Vancouver Plan is our unified land-use framework to create a more livable, affordable, and sustainable city for everyone.

Approved by City Council in July 2022, the Vancouver Plan guides the long-term growth of the city in an intentional way, clarifying where growth and change will occur over the next 30 years and beyond. 

Moving forward with the Vancouver Plan

Implementing the Vancouver Plan is an exciting step forward in shaping a city that reflects the needs and aspirations of people who live, work, and play here. 

The Vancouver Plan will serve as the foundation for the Official Development Plan (ODP). To ensure the ODP remains current, it will be reviewed, monitored, and updated regularly in alignment with our capital planning cycle, regional growth strategy, and census updates.

Many factors will influence the implementation of the Plan, including:

  • Our financial resources
  • Council priorities
  • Timing of investments by senior government; for example, major transportation infrastructure
  • Changes in federal and provincial government policy

Vancouver Plan projects

Missing middle and small-scale multi-unit housing zoning

Vancouver’s social housing initiative

Housing Target Refresh and Housing Needs Report

Employment lands zoning

Ecology and land use planning

Big idea #1: Equitable housing and complete neighbourhoods

  • Missing middle/small-scale multi-unit housing zone
  • Vancouver's social housing initiative
  • Housing target refresh

Big idea#2:  An economy that works for all

  • Employment lands zoning

Big idea #3: Climate protection and restored ecosytems

  • Ecology and land use planning


  • Official development plan (ODP)
  • District schedule streamlining
  • Policy streamlining
  • Rupert and Renfrew Station Area Plan
  • Area planning for villages and transit-oriented areas (TOAs)

Vancouver Plan implementation diagram - Big idea #1: Equitable housing and complete neighbourhoods, Big idea#2:  An economy that works for all, Big idea #3: Climate protection and restored ecosytems, and crosscutting

How we engaged with the public

The Vancouver Plan is the result of:

  • 4 phases of extensive public engagement
  • 2 years of technical analysis on a wide range of planning topics such as land use, climate, and transportation

Learn more about previous engagement

What we heard  

Through a multi-year public engagement process, we heard that residents want specific actions to:

  • Create more housing (Equitable housing and complete neighbourhoods)
  • Support the local economy (An economy that works for all)
  • Address the climate crisis (Addressing the climate crisis and restoring ecosystems)

Where we are now

  • Fall 2019 to 2020

    Phase 1: Listen and learn

  • Oct 2020 to July 2021

    Phase 2: Identifying key directions

  • Aug 2021 to Nov 2021

    Phase 3: Policy and land use ideas

  • Dec 2021 to July 2022

    Phase 4: Draft and final plan

  • July 2022 to ongoing

    Plan implementation

  • We are here


On July 22, 2022, the Standing Committee on City Finance and Services approved the Vancouver Plan report recommendations with amendments. Review the amended motion (245 KB)

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