A pump removes contaminated water from a construction site to discharge into a sanitary sewer
MPCA Photos [CC BY-NC 2.0], Flickr

Wastewater discharge permit (for groundwater remediation and construction at contaminated sites)

The wastewaste discharge permit regulates contaminated groundwater discharge to the sanitary sewer during remediation and construction projects.

We may require you to get this permit as a condition of your rezoning or development permit application. If you need it, apply as part of your building permit application.

Check if you need a wastewater discharge permit

Read Bulletin 2017-001-EV Groundwater Discharges from Contaminated Sites (60 KB).

Apply for a permit

  1. Download the wastewater discharge permit application form  (301 KB).
  2. Gather the supporting documents:
    • Site plan
    • Proof of a registry search (dated within the past 30 days) that shows your company is registered with the BC Ministry of Finance
  3. Send your application, the supporting documents, and permit fee to Environmental Protection.
  4. We do an initial review your application that takes about one month.
  5. We contact you to share the outcome of our review. Either your permit is approved or needs an additional review. Each additional review takes about one month.
  6. We invoice you for the waste discharge permit administration fee and contaminated groundwater discharge fee.
  7. We issue your permit.

Change your permit

There are two types of changes: minor and major.

Minor amendments include:

  • Change of your company's name or legal address
  • Change of your monitoring program
  • Decrease in the quantity of contaminants or flow requested
  • Change to the discharge you are authorized for, such that, in the opinion of the sewage control manager, there would be equal or lower demand for regulation and treatment
  • Change to the works or measures you are authorized for, such that, in the opinion of the sewage control manager, there would be equal or lower demand for regulation and treatment

Major amendments include all other changes.

To amend your permit, send the following to Environmental Protection:

  1. A letter with the information you want to change on your permit
  2. A cheque for the amendment fee that applies to your changes

We may contact you to ask for further information.


Item Fee
Initial application $500.00, for a maximum instantaneous flow of 6 L/s or less
$1,000.00, for a maximum instantaneous flow of more than 6 L/s
Minor amendment $250.00
Major amendment $500.00

No tax is charged.

Pay for the initial application when you apply by cheque payable to the City of Vancouver.


We enforce a municipal and regional district bylaw since Vancouver is part of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District

Contact Environmental Protection


Mailing address
City of Vancouver
Environmental Protection
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4