Water meters

What you need to know

Meters are used to measure water usage. Most are installed on the water services that connect and supply water to buildings. Some meters are for parks or water fountains.

Water meters need to be installed into:

  • All newly-built single and dual family homes
  • Existing residences that are being renovated or rebuilt

We read water meters on a set quarterly cycle and bills its customers accordingly for the amount of water used.

Private water meters

If you have installed your own water meter on your property, it is your responsibility to maintain and repair.

Finding your water meter

The City owns, installs, maintains, and repairs all water meters marked "VWW" by the City of Vancouver.

Water meters on residential property are installed into underground boxes near the property line at the same level as a sidewalk. To locate the water meter on your residential property, look for a box covered by a steel or plastic lid.

Water meters in commercial buildings are often located inside utility rooms.

Water meter service calls

Urgent calls

If the problem affects traffic or poses a public safety concern, phone 3-1-1 to request a City crew to investigate.

An urgent issue would be if the rectangular water meter box cover is missing.

Non-emergency water meter service calls

If the problem involves minor leaks, noise, or other non-urgent meter issues, phone 3-1-1. 

Your report will be forwarded to the Water Meter department, who will contact you to gather more information about your report.

Water meter box with lid attached

Water meter with cover attached

Water meter box with lid missing

Water meter with cover missing

Water meter maintenance

City of Vancouver water meters are monitored regularly.

All meters for large volume customers and fire lines are maintained annually

All other compound meters are maintained every three years

Removing a water meter during construction

The City's water service can be used in large scale construction, renovation, or excavation projects. If the project duration is one year or less, water usage is metered. If the project duration is longer that one year, the project is subject to a flat rate.

Property developers planning such projects should contact the City's Water Design division to work out a plan to remove existing water meters.

For more details, read Section 29 of the Water Works By-law.

Understand water meters and utility billing

Water meters

Understand how water meters work and how they help us conserve our drinking water supply.

Meter rates

Find more information about meter rates for water, sewer, and energy.

Request a meter reading

Learn how to request a meter reading if you are selling property, preparing for new tenants, or other changes to your property.

Review high water consumption

Running faucet

If you notice your water consumption is drastically higher than normal, we can review your high consumption to find out if there is an underground leak.

Review high consumption