Red fire hydrant

What we are doing to protect and conserve our water

We are taking action to ensure our daily practices are water wise by:

  • Updating our practices to reduce water use
  • Creating infrastructure that will ensure our natural wateways stay clean for recreation and our local ecosystem

We regularly monitor Vancouver’s water distribution system for leaks and each year conduct leak detection surveys across the city. In 2015, our proactive leak detection approach saved 1,506,000,000 litres of water.

Report a water main leak

Have you spotted a leak in a City water main? Report it online. Each report will be assessed and placed on our priority list for repair. 

Hydrant leak survey program: saving money and water

More than 100 of the our 6,000+ fire hydrants are leaking at any given time.In 2013, our twice-yearly hydrant leak survey program began, which will save 200 million litres of water and up to $200,000 a year.

Efforts to keep our waterways clean — through sewer separation, green infrastructure, and stream enhancement — have made them safe for wildlife again.

Our Greenest City goal: reduce water use and ensure our drinking water is high quality

Clean Water

Our goal is for Vancouver to have the best drinking water of any city in the world. Learn more about our Greenest City goal: Clean Water.

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