When to evacuate or take shelter in a building

Buildings in Vancouver

In an emergency, you may need to:

  • Evacuate your home and neighbourhood, or
  • Stay where you are and shelter-in-place

The City of Vancouver has plans for coordinating evacuations and shelter-in-place operations. These plans may be used by the City when we, or the Province of BC, need to keep people safe.

Be prepared and review:

Know the evacuation stages

Sheltering-in-place (taking shelter indoors)

Shelter-in-place orders are issued for situations that:

  • Only last a few hours
  • Are not safe to evacuate

If an shelter-in-place order is issued, learn what to do as you take shelter indoors immediately.

How you will get notified of evacuations or shelter-in-place operations

You may learn about an emergency through one or more of these methods: 

  • Officials delivering information door-to-door
  • A police or fire vehicle with a loudspeaker
  • The City of Vancouver’s official social media channels, and the Alertable smartphone app
  • Radio, television, or online news channels

Contact the Vancouver Emergency Management Agency