When to evacuate or take shelter in a building

Buildings in Vancouver

In an emergency, you may need to:

  • Evacuate your home and neighbourhood, or
  • Stay where you are and shelter-in-place

The City of Vancouver has a plan to coordinate evacuations when they are required by us or the Province of BC to keep people safe.

Be prepared and review:

  1. The evacuation stages
  2. How you'll get notified
  3. Evacuating your home
  4. Taking shelter at home, at work, and in your car

Know the evacuation stages

How you'll get notified of evacuations

Evacuation alerts and orders are communicated by:

  • Officials going door-to-door
  • A police or fire vehicle with a loudspeaker
  • Radio, television, social media, and the VanConnect smartphone app

Sheltering-in-place (taking shelter indoors)

Shelter-in-place orders are issued for situations that:

  • Only last a few hours
  • Are not safe to evacuate

If an shelter-in-place order is issued, learn what to do as you take shelter indoors immediately.

Contact the Vancouver Emergency Management Agency