Introduction to zoning

Zoning and land use document library

Map of zoning districts

Access zoning and land use documents, including the Zoning and Development By-law, official development plans, policies, guidelines, and bulletins.

Review the zoning and land use document library

Authority to regulate land use

In Vancouver, the authority to regulate land use is granted by the Vancouver Charter. The charter is a provincial statute that specifies the types of by-laws the City can enact and what the by-laws can regulate. 

In keeping with the authority granted by the charter, the Zoning and Development By-law establishes regulations for the development of land in Vancouver.   

What the by-law regulates

  • The types of land uses allowed
  • Where a building can be located on a site
  • The building's maximum height and size
  • Other provisions necessary to enable good city building

How to use the by-law

Want to find out what uses are allowed on your property? Follow these steps and review the relevant regulations in the Zoning and Development By-law and any related by-laws before you begin.