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Are you planning a community event between now and early next year? We’d like to send our outreach team to share information about the local causes and impacts of climate change, and what you can do to take meaningful climate action! For more information email us ( or DM us on social media! 


Greenest City news


Vancouver is embarking on developing a comprehensive climate response plan that will stretch to the year 2030.

In April 2019, City Council approved 
Climate Emergency Response report, committing the city to a five-fold increase in our efforts to tackle climate change. We identified six big moves and 53 quick-start actions to dramatically reduce carbon pollution and sequester carbon through conservation efforts. 

As we approach the end of the
 Greenest City Action Plan 2020, our next environmental plan will build from the foundation of the six big moves in our Climate Emergency Response and integrate adaptation measures, along with advancing the City’s efforts to advance reconciliation, equity and inclusion.

Join us in developing our next environmental plan.


Starting this fall, we will be taking this conversation to social media and online. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so you can get informed about the scale of the issue and the kinds of solutions needed. Help us amplify this message by spreading the word to your networks. In early 2020, we will be launching a public engagement process and will want your feedback on our proposed actions. 


Greenest City news


The City of Vancouver and BCIT are excited to present the Zero Energy Home exhibit, an interactive ‘house’ at Science World that provides hands-on insight into the amazing building science behind a high performance home. It also demonstrates that the zero-emissions homes we need to build to meet our Green Buildings targets can also be exceptionally healthy, efficient, affordable & comfortable.

Learn about:

  • High performance windows – there’s a surprising amount of technology that goes into a modern window to make it energy efficient.
  • Heat pumps – these are ‘reversible air conditioners’ that can heat and cool your house using electric renewable energy. Replacing your furnace with one of these is one of the most important ways to reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change.
  • Insulation – see and touch the fuzzy, scratchy, foamy stuff normally hidden behind your walls; a critical part of maintaining comfortable, consistent indoor temperatures.
  • Heat recovery ventilators – these ‘fresh air machines’ continuously remove stale air and blow in fresh outdoor air, while capturing all that paid-for heat before it leaves your home.


Use your membership (or purchase a single-day ticket) to visit the exhibit on the first floor of Science World until February 2020 – or stay tuned for its next community location. Visit the ZEBLC webpage for more information if you’re interested in expanding your building science knowledge. 

Interested in copying some of the ideas you see at the exhibit? Many of these products are eligible for CleanBC rebates, with added top-ups for residents in the City of Vancouver.  Check out the available rebates at


Greenest City news


December 5 is World Soil Day. 

Soil is an important yet underestimated part of our ecosystem. Not only does healthy soil make it possible for us to grow nutritious foods, it also has great potential to filter and buffer contaminants, including carbon pollution, which causes climate change. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), soil holds three times as much carbon as the atmosphere. In fact, our lands and forests have huge potential for storing carbon – as trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon emissions that are driving our climate crisis. 

As part of our Climate Emergency Response, Vancouver plans to pursue ways to enhance carbon sequestration in our soils and forests – including planting more trees across the City.   


Did you know that the best time for planting trees is winter? That’s because they are dormant and this is when the possibility is lowest of disrupting their growth. Help us pull more carbon out of the atmosphere by planting a tree of your own. 

Find out other ways you can acknowledge the important role that soil plays by visiting the UN’s World Soil Day event page.


Greenest City news


The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver School Board have once again partnered with Elements Society to deliver Zero Waste Place, a series of environmental classroom workshops. 

Zero Waste Place is a free program for Grade 5 students comprised of workshops aimed at educating students about Vancouver's goal of becoming a zero waste community. The workshops cover the problems of litter and waste, strategies on how to properly sort items and avoid waste generation, and how to design and manage a project that addresses waste at a community level.  

Zero Waste Place is available free to public, private and independent schools in Vancouver during the 2019-2020 school year.  


Help us get the word out! If you are the parent of a Grade 5 student in a Vancouver school, encourage your child’s teacher to register their class here. For more details contact Elements Society at


Local green opportunities

Seedy Saturday: Planning For Next Year
Nov 16
It's never too early to plan for next year's gardens. Work now will save time and effort in the spring. Share your experiences and bring your questions!
VPL’s Kensington Branch

Grandview Woodland Neighbourhood Cleanup Party
Nov 16 & Dec 7
Join us as we cleanup our neighbourhood! These events have a huge impact locally. Removing litter not only makes the neighbourhood cleaner, it also makes it safer.
Grandview Woodland Community Policing Centre

Hastings Sunrise Neighbourhood Cleanup Party
Nov 16 & Dec 7
Join us as we cleanup our neighbourhood! These events have a huge impact locally. Removing litter not only makes the neighbourhood cleaner, it also makes it safer.
Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre
Frameworq Clothing Fix-it Event
Nov 17
Divert waste from the landfill and fix your faves! Bring your clothing item or any other textile that needs to be repaired and we'll show you how to repair them.
VPL’s Mount Pleasant Branch

Sustainability Series
Nov 20
Join the Sustainability Series conversation with speaker Darrell Mussato as he dives into the topic of municipal leadership in sustainable urban development. 
789 W Pender Street

Thinking Forward: Building With Nature
Nov 27
Join a panel of experts in conversation about the West Coast Modern architecture around Vancouver and the ethos of city-building with nature in mind - a mindset evident in landmarks such as Robson Square and innovative energy-efficient buildings.
VPL’s Central Library

Kiwassa Community Food and Holiday Market
Nov 29

The Neighbourhood House will be hosting a market focused on providing affordable access to produce while supporting local food growers & producers, and showcasing local artisans.
2425 Oxford St​reet

Kitsilano Winter Market

Nov 30
The Winter Market will be hosting workshops throughout the day where you can learn how to be more sustainable and eco-friendly this holiday season!
2305 West 7th Ave

Film Screening: Food and Indigenous Culture
Dec 9
Watch The Gift and Okimah at double-feature film screening. The Gift examines the role of corn in the lives of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. Okimah focuses on the goose hunt – a ritual of central importance to the Cree people of the James Bay coastal areas.
VPL's Carnegie Branch

Art Night: Sketching with Skulls
Dec 12
Take a closer look at SPES’s skull collection and develop your drawing skills with an artist as guide. Learn the story behind our skeletal specimens while you’re at it.
Stanley Park Nature House on Lost Lagoon

Frameworq Clothing Fix-it Event
Dec 14
Divert waste from the landfill and fix your faves! Bring your clothing item or any other textile that needs to be repaired and they will teach you how to repair them.
VPL’s Mount Pleasant Branch

English Bay Cleanup
Dec 14
Join the Vancouver Surf Rider Foundation for a beach cleanup event and help keep our shoreline ecosystems clean.
English Bay


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