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September 2019


  • Celebrate Park Stewardship Month
  • Apply for a Greenest City Grant
  • Keep our storm drains clear by adopting a catch basin
  • Learn how UBC students are advancing sustainability in the city
  • Check out local events and green opportunities

Greenest City news


Vancouverís urban forest plays important environmental and social roles: it cleans our air, absorbs rainwater, provides bird habitat, and improves our health and well-being. Thatís why Park Stewardship Month is kicking off on Sept 21 to Oct 20. It will include many opportunities to get involved in stewardship events happening across the city. 

Park Stewardship Month is part of a city-wide effort led by the Park Board to help grow the forest canopy, develop diverse and resilient ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and reach the goal of planting 150,000 trees by 2020 as outlined in the Greenest City Action Plan, Urban Forest Strategy and Rewilding Vancouver Action Plan


Check out the various stewardship events happening across the city: 

  • Big Tree Weekend is returning to Stanley Park for a fifth year to celebrate the largest trees in the region. This yearís spotlight is on big-tree loving birds in Stanley Parkís woods.
  • TD Canada Trustís flagship volunteer and urban green program: Join a group of volunteers to plant trees and learning more about environmental stewardship in Stanley Park on September 22 as part of TD Tree day
  • The annual Fall Tree Sale is an opportunity for Vancouver residents to purchase trees, for $10 each, to plant on their own property. Each tree will become part of Vancouverís urban forest. 

For information on upcoming environmental stewardship events sign up for our Stewardship Newsletter


Greenest City news


Does your organization have a project for 2020 that supports the Greenest City Action Plan? We have a grant for that!
From September 3 to October 11, the City of Vancouver will be accepting applications for the Greenest City Grant, which provides over $220,000 in funding to support community-led projects and programs that help achieve our Greenest City Action Plan targets. To be eligible, applicants must be a registered charity or a registered BC society and projects must take place in and benefit Vancouver. Pictured above is the Hives for Humanity Beekeeping Mentorship project, one of 2018ís grant recipients. 

Since 2012, weíve provided funding of about $2.75 million to over 1,000 projects in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, including 885 Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants and 119 Greenest City Grants.  These have resulted in tangible outcomes across all 10 Greenest City goal areas. 


Visit the Greenest City Grant website to view past projects and the full eligibility criteria.  Details of a workshop for applicants to be held on September 16 will be posted there shortly.


Greenest City news


Climate projections are calling for more extreme rainfall events in Vancouver. Help us to reduce the likelihood of flooding impacts by volunteering to adopt a catch basin. 

Vancouver has more than 45,000 catch basins working hard every rainfall to remove excess water from our streets, but these fixtures sometimes need a bit of help when leaves, debris and litter block their grates and stop rainwater from draining. The City works to keep streets clean through fall leaf collection programs, street sweeping, cleaning and the use of sucker trucks when catch basins clog, but canít be everywhere all the time. With the help of volunteers, we can keep our catch basins clear and our streets safe and accessible for everyone.

Caring for a catch basin is easy! Just check on it periodically ó the best time is before and after a heavy rainfall and when trees lose their leaves in the fall ó and make sure it is clear of leaves, debris and litter so rainwater can drain safely.

If you see that your catch basin is blocked, use a rake, broom or shovel to push leaves and debris away from the curb and catch basin grate. This will allow water to drain into the catch basin and prevent flooding.


Catch Basin Adoption in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Visit the Cityís Adopt a Catch Basin website to adopt and name a catch basin
  2. Check your email inbox for the welcome package
  3. Let the catch basin care begin!

Learn more by visiting the Cityís catch basin webpage. 


Greenest City news


The Greenest City Scholars program has just concluded its tenth year, providing important research to support the Cityís sustainability goals. 

Since 2010, the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) has collaborated with the City of Vancouver to sponsor UBC graduate students to work on projects that advance sustainability across the city. For the past three summers, students have also tackled projects related to the Healthy City Strategy

Over the programís ten years, over 160 projects have been completed, providing valuable information to support our work in a variety of areas, from climate and energy to social sustainability. In exchange, students gain tangible work experience through the funded opportunity to work on applied projects. 


Want to learn more about this yearís projects? On September 26, UBC is hosting a wrap-up event called Research to Action: Advancing Urban Sustainability 2019, where Scholars will present their work. All are welcome; register here to attend.    

Each project results in a report documenting the Scholarís work, research and outcomes. Check out all the Scholar reports in UBCís project library


Local green opportunities

Science Literacy Week 
Sept 16 - 22 
Join a celebration of science with free events including chatting with scientists on The Exploration Vessel Nautilus, learning to code Awbie adventures, stories and more.
VPL Ė multiple branches

Curiosities of the Natural World: Oceans 
Sept 17 
The health of our oceans is one of the most important considerations for the future of our planet. Join UBC researchers as they discuss their ocean-based research. 
VPLís Central Library

Feasting for Change
Sept 18- 28 
In partnership with the Park Board, this festival celebrates community food traditions alongside artists, activists, community groups, and social service organizations.
Roundhouse Community Centre

Afternoon at the Movies: Bee Movie
Sept 20 
Are humans stealing and eating honey? Join Barry B. Benson as he ventures outside of the hive for the first time, and finds his true calling in life!
VPLís Renfrew Branch

Zero Waste Reuse and Recycling Drop-off Event
Sept 21
Gather up all those clothes, shoes, small appliances and electronics that havenít worked and bring them to our Free Electronics and Used Clothing Reuse and Recycling Event.
Kitsilano Secondary School

Seedy Saturday: Film Screening Ė Plant This Movie 
Sept 21
This film explores urban agriculture across the globe and in large US cities looking at the connection of urban agriculture to community, politics and sustainability. 
VPLís Kensington Branch

Frameworq Fix-it Clothing Repair
Sept 22
Join us for a free textile fix-it event! The goal is to divert textiles from ending up in the landfill and learn repair skills to bring clothes back to life with patches, darning and stitches. 
VPLís Mount Pleasant Branch

Artists for Conservation Festival
Sept 27-29
Meet leading artists from various countries; enjoy art, live music, art demos, birds of prey, films, presentations, music and cultural performances around conservation.
VanDusen Botanical Garden

Birds of a Father: Big Tree Birds
Sept 29
Specific birds live among the big trees in Stanley Parkís woods. Join Stanley Park Ecology for a walking exploration about bird identification and the behavior of this special population.
Stanley Park Nature House 

Grandview Woodland Neighbourhood Cleanup Party
Oct 5
Join us as we cleanup our neighbourhood, these events have a huge impact building community locally. Removing litter not only makes the neighbourhood cleaner, it also makes it safer.
Grandview Woodland Community Policing Centre

Zero Waste Reuse and Recycling Drop-off Event
Oct 5
Gather up all those clothes, shoes, small appliances and electronics that havenít worked and bring them to our Free Electronics and Used Clothing Reuse and Recycling Event.
Barclay Manor Parking Lot

Volunteer Opportunities

Ecocity World Summit
Oct 7-11
Ecocity is an international Summit addressing building cities in balance with nature. Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn, network, and more!
Vancouver Convention Centre


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