Greenest City news

MARCH 2021


  • Learn how we’re tracking energy use in larger buildings
  • Participate in a city neighbourhood mapping workshop
  • Celebrate Vancouver’s cherry trees
  • Get tips for keeping your lettuce and other greens fresh
  • Check out local events and green opportunities

Greenest City news


The City of Vancouver is one of 12 B.C. jurisdictions collaborating on Building Benchmark BC, a program to help us better understand the carbon emissions from larger buildings across the city (e.g. offices, commercial and larger apartment buildings), in order to develop fair and effective programs to reduce those emissions.
Over half of Vancouver’s carbon pollution comes from burning natural gas to heat space and water in our buildings. As part of our Climate Emergency Action Plan, we’re working to make sure our buildings are constructed and operated in a climate-friendly way. Gatheirng information on the carbon pollution created by our civic and larger buildings can help us develop our policies and programs as we work to create a low-carbon, highly livable and equitable community.
To learn how and why building benchmarking is critical for addressing climate change, visit the Building Benchmark BC website.
Are you a homeowner wanting to understand how to make your home’s energy performance more climate-friendly? Consider talking to a qualified energy advisor or check out the rebates available for energy home improvements – visit the Better Homes BC website to learn more.

Greenest City news


As part of Planning Vancouver Together, the City is running a series of online mapping workshops for those who live, work and play in Vancouver to help us create ‘Complete Neighbourhoods’ for all – ensuring a strong network of unique, connected places across Vancouver with easy access to daily and weekly needs. This work will also support the Climate Emergency Action Plan goal to ensure that 90% of people live within an easy walk or roll of their daily needs by 2030.

Participants are invited to create a digital map of places you use and love: favourite shops and cafes, cultural centres, parks, and any other spots that are important to you around the city. We’ll also be asking for input on your neighbourhood and invite you to pinpoint the things that make your part of Vancouver unique, and shape your experience of living there.


Workshops are taking place on March 16, 18, and 22. To learn more and register for a workshop, visit the Shape Your City page


Greenest City news


Everyone knows that springtime in Vancouver brings with it a spectacular display of blooming cherry trees across the city.
During the month of April, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates this annual occurrence and shares cherry blossom joy with residents through a range of engaging, multicultural and multifaceted events, connecting nature, the arts and community. This year, many of the festival programs will be held online to allow participants to safely engage in interactive, social and artful ways.
Visit the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website to discover community events inspired by the cherry tree – including multicultural performances, guided cycling, tree talks and walks, poetry and photo contests, and more.

Greenest City news


Did you know that we waste 8500 heads of lettuce each day in Vancouver? A crop that size would cover the entire Library Square Plaza, front and back. That’s a Big Salad! This tender vegetable deserves a place on your list of foods to enjoy and not waste. 

The City of Vancouver is pursuing a zero waste future, and that includes preventing wasted food at all points between farm and table. Make it a priority to eat the lettuce you buy; bite by bite, you’ll be able to reduce food waste at home and help us reach our goal of Zero Waste by 2040.  


Here are some ways to make your lettuce last longer:

  • Revive limp lettuce by placing it into an ice bath for a few minutes.
  • Don’t store your lettuce in the open bag you bought it in. Instead, do the following to keep it fresh:
    • Full head  wrap the full head in a damp, clean cotton cloth and place it, leafy tops first, into a sealable reusable container.  
    • Individual leaves – line a storage container with a clean cotton cloth. Add your washed and dried leaves loosely to the container.  
  • Find inspiration for meals to make with your lettuce by visiting Love Food Hate Waste

Curious to know about other commonly wasted foods in our home? Love Food Hate Waste has a list, along with some tips and ideas for preventing wasted food.


Local green opportunities

When attending in-person events please follow COVID-19 health & safety precautions.

Vancouver Farmers Markets
Saturdays & Sundays
The Riley Park & Hastings Park markets are open
 visit the VFM website so you can plan your next visit and find out what's fresh and in season.
Riley Park & Hastings Park

Wild Like Me: Raccoon Ramble
March 18
Raccoons are smart, clever and know how to survive in both the city and the forest. Use your animal sense to look, listen and smell your way along a forest trail.
Pacific Spirit Park
Moving from Grassroots to Government
March 19
Join this UBC Sustainability Initiative-hosted discussion to hear what climate justice means to various local politicians, and how they are building it into their work; the process of translating climate justice activism and advocacy into government action; and the role of citizens and social movements in bringing about climate justice focused government action.
If Trees Could Speak
March 20
If trees could speak, what would they say? This temporary self-guided talk explores the many ways trees are important.
Pacific Spirit Park

Spring Equinox Gathering
March 21
If you’ve ever wondered what VanDusen’s Medicine Wheel Ceremony is about but never made it to an in-person celebration, this is your opportunity to participate in an online version.
The Early Days of Botanical Gardens
March 23
Learn about the history of botanical gardens, why they were founded, and how the early botanists created their plant collections.
Vancouver Park Board Local Food Action Plan
April 8
Please join the Vancouver Park Board for an interactive session to review and provide feedback on the in-progress update of its Local Food Action Plan.


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