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MAY 2021


  • Tell us about the kind of ‘complete neighbourhood’ you’d like to live in
  • Participate in Go by Bike Week this spring
  • Give input on Metro Vancouver’s Clean Air Plan
  • Learn about a pilot to naturalize parks and meadows across the city
  • Check out local events and green opportunities
NOTEWORTHY: You’re invited to give input on the City’s Secured Rental Policy, designed to make it easier to build secure rental housing in more neighbourhoods. With a focus on low-density neighbourhoods with strong local shopping and transit service, Streamlining Rental will create changes that support the Climate Emergency goal of ensuring that 90% of people live within an easy walk or roll of their daily needs by 2030. Visit Shape Your City to participate in a virtual information session in June and take the survey.

Greenest City news


We’re reaching out to all those who live, work and play in Vancouver to help shape ‘complete neighbourhoods’ across the city.
A complete neighbourhood has all of your essential needs within close proximity, and supports the needs of residents, regardless of income, cultural background or ability. Think: diverse housing options, a mix of shops and services alongside childcare facilities, libraries, galleries and recreation centres, and linked by lively pathways, parks and plazas. Planning for complete neighbourhoods will strengthen all areas of the city, for the benefit of everyone.
Creating complete, connected and culturally vibrant neighbourhoods is a key goal of our strategic Vancouver Plan, and it’s fundamental to the success of our Climate Emergency Action Plan target to ensure that 90% of people live within an easy walk or roll of their daily needs by 2030. Public discussion on creating more complete connected neighbourhoods was initiated early this year as a part of the SFU dialogue series and more engagement is planned for the fall.


Take the complete neighbourhood survey: tell us about the kind of complete neighbourhood you might like to live in and help us create a strong network of connected places in Vancouver – the survey closes on May 16.


Greenest City news


This spring, HUB Cycling presents Go by Bike Week, from May 31 to June 6.
Go by Bike Week is a week-long celebration, promoting cycling as a resilient and climate-friendly way of getting around. The aim is to get out and ride your bike anywhere and everywhere.
Cycling is not only fun and healthy, but it also helps reduce carbon pollution. Nearly 40% of Vancouver’s carbon pollution comes from burning gasoline and diesel in our vehicles to get around. Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan is working to change how we move, visit our webpage to learn more.
Register for Go by Bike Week today and help make Vancouver a happier, healthier place to live, work, and play.
With the current health order restrictions in effect, Go by Bike Week returns to support cycling as a fully digital event – but there will still be a variety of fun and educational virtual classes, webinars and livestreams, as well daily prizes to be won. check out the full event schedule and prizes.
Plan your route with the City’s updated cycling map. Our annual cycling map details all the bikeways and greenways in the city.

Greenest City news


Better air quality benefits us all--people and planet.
Metro Vancouver is responsible for managing and regulating air contaminants across the region. With its Clean Air Plan, Metro Vancouver seeks to tackle carbon pollution over the next 10 years, with the commitment of a carbon neutral region by 2050.
The plan features bold targets, including:

  • Reducing carbon emissions by 45% from 2010 levels,
  • Ensuring outdoor air quality meets air quality standards,
  • Increasing the number of days that visual air quality is classified as excellent.

Some of the actions in the Clean Air Plan will be implemented by Metro Vancouver and others are the responsibility of other organizations, including local governments like the City of Vancouver.
You can help make this plan even stronger. The Clean Air Plan is available for comment until June 15. Register for a free public webinar on May 20 to learn more.
You can also review the summary at Metro Vancouver’s webpage and give your feedback by filling in a feedback form.
Want to learn more? Watch the 2-minute introductory video.

Greenest City news


The Vancouver Park Board is piloting 37 hectares of naturalized wildflower meadows in parks, golf courses and boulevards throughout Vancouver this year.
Intense lawn management practices can result in less plant diversity and less critical nesting habitats and food sources for important local species. By creating naturalized meadows in urban settings, the flowering plants will attract beneficial insects, butterflies, bees and birds, create soil conditions more conducive to tree growth, and create landscapes that are more resilient to changing climate. The reduced mowing will also mean a reduction in carbon pollution.
The move is part of Vancouver Park Board’s VanPlay Master Plan, which calls for more naturally managed landscapes in parks, and it also supports the Climate Emergency Action Plan and the Climate Adaptation Strategy. Data and observations will be collected from these pilots and a summary will be reported back to the Park Board.
Here’s how you can support our naturalized spaces:

  • Help build our pollinator and wildlife corridors across the city by looking into actions and plants that support pollinators. A list of plants that love pollinators is available on our website.


Local green opportunities

When attending in-person events please follow COVID-19 health & safety precautions.

SPEC Team Meetings
Want to share your knowledge on energy & transportation, food growing, or waste, and connect with other like-minded individuals? The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation has ongoing meet-ups in these areas. Check the link for topics and meeting dates.
Climate Solutions for Leaders
May 14, 21, & 28
Join emerging climate action leaders to explore a solutions oriented and creative communications approach to climate action.
Planet Protector Academy: Zero Heroes
Various, until June 8
Kids can join this interactive webcast series to learn how to become zero waste superheroes and lead change in their families’ waste and consumption habits.
Influencing Behaviour Change for a Sustainable Region
May 14
Join youth from across Metro Vancouver to explore strategies, ideas and tools to inspire awareness and action at school and beyond, to support a livable and sustainable region.
Researching for Climate Justice
May 19
Join SFU Public Square for a conversation bridging climate justice advocates, researchers, policy-makers and solution-seekers to explore challenges and opportunities of taking equity-informed approaches to climate research and policy development.
Bike Route Planning Made Simple
May 20
Join instructors from HUB Cycling who will be helping with practical tools and resources for planning safe and enjoyable routes for your next ride, in preparation for Go by Bike Week.
Future Forests
May 25
Join a panel of forest experts from four continents for a dynamic discussion about the forest management, conservation and governance, in the face of diminishing climate and global ecosystem health. Hosted by UBC Forestry Faculty.
Considering a Heat Pump – Free Webinar
May 26
The CleanBC Community Energy Coach team is hosting an interactive workshop to help homeowners explore the world of heat pumps: what they are and how they work, the benefits they provide, and how to find registered contractors, rebates and financing offers to upgrade your heating system.


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