Vancouver gets four new colourful community murals

Container mural at RayCam Community Centre
October 15 2013 –

This fall, the City's Integrated Graffiti Management Program worked with local artists and community groups to create four new murals in Vancouver that beautify and enrich the city while reducing graffiti vandalism.

Mural locations, artists, themes, and sponsors

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre

Lead artist Karen Chan, along with Braden Mutch, Josh Rettie, Naztha Del Rosal, and Juan Del Rosal, and over a dozen youth from Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre, produced two murals on storage containers located at Ray-Cam.

The murals were made in partnership with the City,, Strathcona Business Improvement Area, Raw Canvas, and Casa De Gelato, and incorporate themes from the local neighbourhood and messages of travelling safely, staying active, and eating healthy. 

2600 Main Street

Located on the 10th Avenue bikeway, the mural titled “Cycle” by local artist Emily Gray depicts both natural cycles and cycling as a means of transportation, exercise, and leisure. In her design, Emily incorporates many fruits and vegetables that are grown locally.

The commissioned mural is supported by the City’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program in partnership with the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Association and the owner of the building.

New Brighton Park underpass

The mural located under the New Brighton Park underpass in Hastings Park came out of the 15th RestART (restorative justice through art) workshop. The workshop was developed by the City’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program, the Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre, and the Vancouver Police Department. The mural was created by six youths and two mentor artists (Larissa Healey and Igor Santizo) with the theme "reduction of fear".

RestART is a restorative justice art program that provides youth who have previously engaged in illegal graffiti with opportunities to express themselves in a pro-social way under the mentorship of established local artists and community members. The RestART Program has experienced success with deterring youth participants from reentering the illegal graffiti subculture. 

About the Integrated Graffiti Management Program

The Integrated Graffiti Management Program focuses on the eradication of graffiti, continued enforcement of the City’s Graffiti Bylaw, as well as education and prevention to deter graffiti on public and private property. Its objective is to work with local artists, support vibrant public spaces, improve cultural education, connect people and community through street art, and reduce graffiti vandalism.

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