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2013 Collection Calendar to be delivered to homes at the end of January

January 17 2013

Garbage - Recycling - Yard Trimmings - Food Scraps

The City of Vancouver 2013 Collection Calendar will cover your garbage, recycling, yard trimmings and food scraps collection schedule until mid-2013.

In the spring, a new calendar will be delivered to your home that will cover your collection schedule from mid-2013 to February 2014. This calendar outlines a switch in your collection service in mid-2013: your green bin (yard trimmings and food scraps cart) and recycling will be collected weekly and your garbage bin (cart) every other week.

Please recycle the calendar portion of your 2012 Collection Calendar. It does not include the 11 February 2013 statutory holiday, Family Day, which will affect your collection schedule.

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