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Ming Sun building update

December 27 2013


Over the past several months, the City of Vancouver has taken repeated steps to ensure the safety of the Ming Sun Building at 437-441 Powell Street.

Order issued to the building owner

Following the removal of the bricks on December 20, the City and a consultant team that included structural engineers and an architect, undertook a structural assessment of the building.

While the removal of the bricks has addressed the City’s immediate concern for public safety, the building owner will need to take further steps to secure the structure. As a result, the City has issued the following order:

The City is supportive of the heritage concerns related to this building; however, our first concern is ensuring the safety of both the public and the neighbouring building.

Structural engineering reports

The City has received three structural reports from external engineers who have inspected the building. Read the reports for more details:

How we conserve Vancouver's heritage

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Heritage conservation

Council's long-term goal is to protect as many historically important buildings, sites, and trees as possible, through designation, incentives to developers, and public education programs.