Mother and son clearing a street catch basin

Adopt a catch basin returns to Vancouver for second year

More than 1,200 catch basins adopted in 2017

September 21 2018 –

Draino McDrainface, Grate Expectations and Catchment if You Can are already hard at work this fall — and you are invited to take part in a growing community of residents who have adopted and named a local catch basin as part of their family fun.

Launched in 2017, Adopt a Catch Basin is a City program that supports residents in helping to keep a catch basin near their home or business free of leaves, debris, and litter. The simple action of raking leaves away can significantly help reduce flooding in Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Personlize your catch basin

Volunteers are encouraged to personalize their catch basin with a “grate” name of its own. Once becoming an official adopter, you can connect with the program coordinator to request a free safety vest and rake to help with their efforts. The program is an easy way for residents and kids to get involved with and give back to the city they live in.

Find a catch basin to adopt

Finding and naming a catch basin is easy. Visit  and select from a user-friendly map of more than 45,000 adoptable catch basins across the city. You can select a catch basin with a heart (one that needs a little more love) or the one closest to your home.

Get some naming inspiration by clicking on the adopted catch basins and seeing the clever names given to other catch basins in your neighbourhood. 

Leaf cleanup reduces flooding

Leaf cleanup is an important part of reducing flooding in the rainy fall and winter months. If you adopt a catch basin, you are playing a part in keeping the city safe and functioning.

We also operate a seasonal leaf removal and street cleaning, and you are encouraged to use the VanConnect app or call 3-1-1 if you see flooding or find a clogged catch basin in their neighbourhood.