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Advance voting polls are now closed

November 13 2014

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The advance voting polls closed on November 12. Your next opportunity to vote is on the official election day, Saturday, November 15. 

Where to vote

You can cast your vote at any of about 120 voting stations around the city from 8:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday, November 15.

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What to bring to the polls

To vote on election day, bring your Voter Information Card to a voting station to make the voting process as quick and efficient as possible. If you are not on the voting list, you will need to show two pieces of identification and complete a voter registration form to be signed in front of an election official.

Before you vote, visit our online election planner

Use our online election planner to review the dozens of candidates and keep track of your favourites. You can then generate a summary of your choices to print out or receive by email, plus get an automatic calendar reminder. 

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View candidate profiles and voting locations

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View 2014 election results, candidate profiles, and capital plan borrowing questions. Voter turn-out was 43.4%.