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Advisory for Port Metro Vancouver container fire

March 5 2015

Firefighters at container fire

At 7:00pm tonight Port Metro Vancouver in combination with DP World Vancouver (operators of Centerm), Vancouver Fire & Rescue (VFRS), Environment Canada, Ministry of Environment, Quantum Murray, and Hemmera will attempt to open the container so that it can be investigated to assess the condition and contents.

The temperature of the container has lowered to a safe level, an indication of the reduction in combustion inside.

Risk of fire is extremely low

VFRS and the expert hazmat consultants who have been working with us over the last 30 hours have advised that the risk is extremely low that the fire will reignite or that there will be any smoke during this operation.

Why the decision was made

The decision to open the container at this time was made after assessing weather conditions to minimize the risk of wind and align timing with a part of the day where traffic and street based activities are significantly lower than during the day.

City and Port to monitor the situation

Both the City and Port Metro Vancouver’s Emergency Operations Centres will be activated throughout the night and continue their work with Vancouver Coastal Health and the experts on site to monitor the ongoing situation.