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All climate change impacts must be part of pipeline review process

June 9 2014

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The City of Vancouver has submitted a response to the National Energy Board (NEB) review panel regarding Trans Mountain’s objection to our suggestion that downstream and upstream climate change impacts be incorporated in the pipeline review process.

Environmental and socio-economic effects

The City believes there is a very strong case for the NEB to consider the environmental and socio-economic effects associated with the upstream activities, including the development of oil sands crude, and the downstream use of the oil transported by the proposed pipeline.

Original motion

The City has demonstrated in its original motion that there is a direct connection between the pipeline expansion project and the extraction and combustion of the oil that will flow through the pipeline, resulting in an increase in greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the City has clearly shown that it faces material costs in preparing for and responding to climate change

Trans Mountain's argument

Trans Mountain, in arguing against considering these important issues, fails to provide any compelling reasons why the NEB should not hear evidence on upstream and downstream effects on climate change.

The City urges the NEB to comply with its statutory obligations by including upstream and downstream environmental and socio-economic impacts as part of its review.

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