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Annual fall leaf guide

October 13 2016

Autumn leaves

Stormy fall and winter weather can cause clogged catch basins (also called storm drains) to flood. Help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood by raking and clearing leaves from the catch basin in front of your home and putting the leaves into your Green Bin.

Place all leaves that you clear from catch basins, sidewalks, boulevards, and your property into your Green Bin until it is full. Store leaves that don't fit in a dry area and add them in your bin when it's emptied. Green Bins will continue to be collected weekly according to your regular collection schedule.

Extra leaf collection starts October 29

Store extra leaves that don't fit in your Green Bin in biodegradable paper yard waste bags in a dry area until our extra leaf collection program starts. Our crews will collect bagged leaves across the city on the following designated weekends: 

  • October 29 to 30
  • November 19 to 20 (updated date)
  • December 10 to 11
  • January 14 to 15, 2017 (Christmas trees will also be collected)

Leaves may be collected on either Saturday or Sunday (not both days). To avoid a missed collection, set your leaves out for collection before 7:00am on the scheduled Saturday and download our VanCollect mobile app for collection reminders.

Street leaf cleaning starts November 14

Our crews will begin to clear streets of leaves on November 14 with added focus on streets with higher volumes of leaves. If temporary "no parking" signs are posted on a side of the street, move your vehicles to another parking spot before 7:00am on the date indicated. Vehicles that are not moved may be ticketed or towed. At times, crews may be delayed in some neighbourhoods with large amounts of leaves but will return as soon as possible to complete the work. Moving your vehicle enables crews to do a better job of clearing streets of leaves. 

Leaves to compost

Collected leaves are turned in to nutrient-rich compost at the Vancouver Landfill. This compost can be purchased by residential gardeners, commercial landscapers, and municipal park boards.

Leaves and other yard trimmings can also be dropped off for composting at:

  • Vancouver South Transfer Station, 377 West Kent Ave North
  • Vancouver Landfill, 5400 72nd Street in Delta

Get helpful fall leaf tips

Don't dump leaves on curbs and boulevards

Disposing of leaves on boulevards or City property (including parks) is illegal dumping, and can result in a fine of up to $10,000.