BC elevated water flow – Vancouver readiness

May 15 2018

River front at Fraser River

With serious flooding and continued rising waters affecting the interior of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver is preparing for potential local impacts, and to assist in the currently affected areas.

Unseasonably warm temperatures are expected to increase flow in the Fraser River significantly over the next week. The City of Vancouver’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has activated the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), and is working with partners to monitor river flow levels and tides. The situation is being assessed daily to support planning to protect and preserve property and infrastructure.

Flooding in Vancouver is not predicted

The City of Vancouver is in daily communication with Emergency Management BC, and the South West Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (SWPREOC) regarding local potential, and current operational needs across BC. The current water level forecast does not predict flooding for areas of Vancouver. If the local situation begins to escalate the City will expand the EOC activation accordingly and act to protect any affected areas.

Be prepared

While the high water levels are not expected to affect Vancouver residents, evacuation alerts across the province are a poignant reminder that families should have a “Grab and Go” kit should they need to relocate for any reason.

Due to the expected increase in river flow, people are cautioned to stay away from river banks and other interface areas, as possible erosion could lead to instability. The safety and security of Vancouver’s communities and of all British Columbians is our highest priority.