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Be prepared for hot weather

June 28 2013

The heat can be harmful, even in temperate, coastal BC.

The forecast is calling for higher temperatures over the next few days in Vancouver, which means everyone should remember to stay hydrated, check on others, and be on the lookout for people who may be suffering from too much heat.

Heat can pose health problems for at-risk citizens, including seniors, people with chronic health problems, the homeless, and those who are socially isolated or reliant on caregivers.

Check on family, friends and neighbours who may be adversely impacted by the heat and watch out for people who might be in distress, particularly the homeless.

If you see someone suffering from heat stress, call 9-1-1. If you can, help the person cool off with water on their face and neck until emergency services arrive. Symptoms of heat-related illness and heat exhaustion include thirst, dizziness, confusion, weakness, and fainting.

Understand the risks of heat and make a plan to keep cool. If you are heading outside for work or outdoor activities, be sure drink lots of water, apply sunscreen and wear a hat. Never leave a child or pet in a closed car or in the direct sun.

Visit an air-conditioned community centre or library if you need a cool spot to rest. Public drinking fountains are available around the city to fill up your water bottle.

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