People gathered at an open house

Broadway Plan open houses present draft guiding principles for developing long-term plan

July 8 2019 –

The Broadway Plan community values and draft guiding principles, which will provide direction for developing a comprehensive plan for the area from Clark Dr to Vine St, will be presented at upcoming community open houses:

Saturday, July 13, noon to 4pm
CityLab, 511 West Broadway
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Monday, July 15, 3pm to 7pm
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, 2305 West 7th Ave
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Wednesday, July 17, 3pm to 7pm
Kingsgate Mall, 370 East Broadway
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Review the principles and provide feedback

Open house participants will have the chance to review the principles which aim to reflect the core values, ideas, interests, and opportunities from the community. It’s also a chance to provide feedback and learn more about the Broadway Plan process, city-wide objectives, and what we’ve heard so far from the community during the first phase of public engagement.

The principles were drafted after four months of public consultation since engagement on the Broadway Plan launched in March 2019. City staff have spoken with more than 3,000 people and received 1,990 surveys and 850 asset map comments. They also held 12 walkshops which were attended by 220 people; received over 400 online walkshop responses; participated in walking tours for 100 elementary school students; attended two street festivals; and conducted four stakeholder workshops. 

The guiding principles cover focus areas and priorities for land use, neighbourhood character, housing, jobs, local business, parks and public space, arts and culture, transportation, utilities, and public benefits.

The principles will set the tone and general direction as the planning process moves forward to create a plan for the area by the end of 2020 that integrates new housing, jobs, and amenities around the Broadway Subway. 

The information presented at the open houses and the survey on the guiding principles and community values will also be available online beginning July 13. 

30-year plan

The Broadway planning program is a two-year process to create a comprehensive plan for the area along Broadway, generally located east to west from Clark Dr to Vine St, and north to south from the 1st Ave to 16th Ave.

The 30-year plan will address the need for: increased job space; deepening housing affordability and minimizing displacement of existing tenants; new or improved connections; improved parks and public spaces; and new and renewed public amenities.