Panoramic view of downtown Vancouver from Broadway

Broadway Plan presents refined directions for public feedback on future growth and change

November 4 2021 –

The Broadway Plan launches public engagement this week with a virtual open house that presents Refined Directions for how the area could grow and change in the future. 

We invite you to learn about how different areas in the Broadway Plan might evolve in the future, and review 3-D elements of the plan which include the kinds of new buildings that neighbourhoods could see.

You can also review:

  • A high-level strategy for the design of public places and spaces
  • Figures on how much housing and job space could be built
  • Details on some area-wide policies including housing, jobs and economy, transportation, public benefits, and community well-being

Visit the virtual open house

Ways to get involved: November 4 to 30

Learn more

Take the survey

Talk to the team

  • Book a time to chat in person, online via video chat, or over the phone with a member of the Broadway Plan team. Staff will be available in person at CityLab (511 West Broadway) on November 9, 10, and 20, and at pop-up spaces on future dates to discuss the plan directions, receive input, and answer questions.

Attend a virtual session

  • Sign up for an online workshop session to learn more and discuss specific neighbourhoods and topics. 

Check the website for details, updates, and registration for all engagement opportunities. Your feedback on the Refined Directions, along with input from other stakeholders, will help staff develop the draft plan which will be available for public input in the next phase of engagement. The Broadway Plan is expected to be presented to City Council for consideration by spring 2022.  

Integrating city-wide engagement

There are a number of significant public engagement opportunities currently underway, and the Broadway Plan is being developed in coordination with these initiatives. The Vancouver Plan is the overarching, strategic land use plan that will guide growth and change for the entire city to 2050. 

The Broadway Plan and Jericho Lands Policy Statement development are key building blocks within the Vancouver Plan, and City staff are working collaboratively to ensure that input received as part of these processes informs the Vancouver Plan, and vice versa. As these plans move forward for Council approval in 2022, staff will work to ensure continued alignment, with the Vancouver Plan providing the overarching, high level city-wide policy direction.

Setting out new opportunities

The Refined Directions are the latest phase of the Broadway planning program, which began in 2019. The program is developing a comprehensive 30-year plan for the area of Broadway generally located east to west between Clark Drive and Vine Street, and north to south between 1st and 16th Avenues. 

With the Broadway Subway now under construction, the Broadway Plan will set out the opportunities created by the addition of a new major transit line.

Key goals of the plan

  • Addressing the need for more job space
  • Greater affordability in housing and helping current tenants stay in the neighbourhood
  • New and improved ways for people to move along the corridor
  • Improved parks and public spaces
  • New and renewed public amenities