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Burrard Corridor construction impacts begin this month

March 1 2016

Burrard Bridge

This month, coordinated work begins along Burrard Street (from Davie Street to 16th Avenue) to:

  • Replace aging water, sewer, and road infrastructure
  • Improve safety for all modes at the Burrard-Pacific intersection
  • Provide needed structural rehabilitation for Burrard Bridge

What to expect during construction

During construction, there will be:

  • One travel lane in each direction that will stay open on Burrard Street on the north side
  • Some full road closures on weekends on the south side to allow for major roadwork and final paving
  • Access for cyclist, pedestrian, and motor vehicle over the Burrard Bridge

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Burrard Corridor work in March and April 2016 

Burrard Street, Davie Street to Pacific Street

Water main installation began on February 29 between Harwood and Pacific. Work will last approximately four weeks. 

In this section we will be:

  • Replacing the water main
  • Installing a larger storm sewer main
  • Initiating pedestrian and cycling improvements on Burrard Street from Davie to Beach

Impacts to traffic

During March, there will be a temporary:

  • Closure of one of the two existing southbound lanes on Burrard Street between Harwood and Pacific
  • Relocation of southbound cyclists to the west sidewalk
  • Parking restrictions on Harwood west of Burrard (to accommodate construction trailers) 

Pacific Street, Thurlow Street to Burrard Street

In April, we will install minor storm sewer works on Pacific Street between Burrard Street and Thurlow Street. Work will last approximately two weeks.

Impacts to traffic

During April, there will be a temporary closure of:

  • One of the two existing southbound lanes on Burrard Street at Pacific
  • One lane on Pacific Street between Thurlow and Burrard 

Burrard and Pacific intersection

During Easter weekend (March 25-28), there will be significant work at the Burrard and Pacific intersection to remove old asphalt. Work is scheduled over the long weekend to minimize impact on traffic. 

Impacts to traffic

On March 25-28, there will be partial traffic closures and extended working hours (night work) over the weekend. 

Burrard Bridge

Burrard Bridge will remain fully open to traffic in March and April. Work is expected to start in May.

Burrard Street, Cornwall to 17th Avenue

In this section, we are:

  • Replacing the water main
  • Installing a separated sewer main
  • Upgrading portions of a sidewalk
  • Repaving the road surface on Burrard Street from Cornwall Avenue to 17th Avenue in 2016 and 2017

Broadway to 8th Avenue

Sewer work will begin in the lane north of Broadway on Burrard on March 14. During this time, lanes on Burrard between 8th Avenue and Broadway will be reduced to two lanes (out of six lanes). Work will continue until mid-June. 

1st Avenue to Broadway

Water main installation work will start at 1st Avenue and move south towards Broadway starting on April 4. During this time, lanes on Burrard between 1st Avenue and Broadway will be reduced to two lanes (out of six lanes). Construction work will move block-by-block, spending approximately three and a half weeks on each block. 

Impacts to traffic

In March and April, there will be sections of Burrard Street reduced to two lanes, of six.
Expected road closures
Location Construction 2016 dates (estimated) Road closure 2016 dates (estimated)
Burrard St, 1st Ave to 4th Ave April 4 to June 15   None (lanes reduced)
Burrard St, 4th Ave to Broadway April 26 to July 25 None (lanes reduced)
Burrard St, Broadway to lane south of Broadway May 31 to July 15 None
Burrard St, lane south of Broadway to 12th Ave May 26 to September 23 May 26 to August 9 - full closure
Burrard St, 12th Ave to 13th Ave June 20 to July 30 June 20 to July 30 full -closure
Burrard St, 13th Ave to 14th Ave August 9 to October 30 August 9 to October 15 - semi/full closure