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Calling public space designers: Create a summer stunner

December 5 2014 VIVA Vancouver’s Robson Redux design-build competition returns

Urban Reef - Robson Street

VIVA Vancouver will open its 800 Robson Street space to the creative community once again with Robson Redux, a design-build competition that invites emerging and professional designers and artists to submit their design ideas related to the theme of “connection”.

The winner will make their design a reality, building and installing it for the 2015 summer season as a public space for people to enjoy.

What is Robson Redux?

VIVA Vancouver’s Robson Redux design-build competition temporarily transforms the 800 block of Robson Street into a summertime pedestrian plaza.

Installation will take place in early summer, open on Canada Day (July 1, 2015) and remain in place until the end of Labour Day long weekend (September 7, 2015).

The winning team will be provided a small design honorarium and up to $40,000 to cover costs of materials, fabrication, construction, installation, and de-installation for their projects.

Submit your design ideas

Anyone may enter this competition; however, criteria and submission requirements lend themselves to expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design, contemporary art, and other related fields. The competition encourages design teams with diverse skill sets to submit joint entries.

Submit your design ideas online for a small fee. Deadline to register: January 30, 2015; submission deadline: February 13, 2015.

Submit your design

Who will select the winning design

The winning design will be selected by a jury made up of:

  • Marc Boutin (Principal, Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative and Associate Professor, University of Calgary)
  • Barbara Cole (Principal of Cole Projects, Executive Director of Other Sights for Artists’ Projects Association)
  • Jane Durante (Founding Principal, Durante Kreuk Landscape Architects)
  • Stanley King (Founder and Head of Co-Design Group)
  • Matthew Soules (Director, Matthew Soules Architecture, and Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia)

Past design installations at 800 Robson Street

Past temporary public space designs at 800 Robson Street include: 

  • 2011: PICNURBIA – designed by Loose Affiliates
  • 2012: Pop Rocks! – designed by AFJD Studio and Matthew Soules 
  • 2013: Corduroy Road – designed by Hapa Collaborative
  • 2014: Urban Reef – designed by Kaz Bremner, Jeremiah Deutscher, and Higher Works (Michael Siy and Kenneth Navarra)

About VIVA Vancouver

VIVA Vancouver is a public space program that specializes in turning road spaces into people places. Working with various community partners, the program re-purposes road space to create temporary or semi-permanent public spaces.

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VIVA Vancouver: Creating vibrant people spaces

VIVA Vancouver is a program that transforms road spaces into vibrant spaces for walking and gathering.