Leek House 2013 Heritage Award winner

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Submit nominations for City of Vancouver Heritage Awards

December 3 2018 –

Nominations are now being accepted for the City of Vancouver Heritage Awards, which recognize the accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have furthered the goal of heritage conservation in the city.

Nominations may be submitted for:

  • Heritage Conservation - restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive re-use or continued maintenance of buildings, structures, cultural landscapes or other natural features including seismic or energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Advocacy - efforts by an individual or group resulting in the preservation of a heritage site or addressing broader heritage issues.
  • Education and Awareness - the use of a publication, exhibit, activity, social media or website to promote an aspect of heritage conservation or local history.
  • Community Revitalization - improvements related to heritage conservation, planning or other management initiatives.

Projects must have been completed within the past six years and not have previously received a City of Vancouver Heritage Award.

The deadline for nominations is February 3, 2019 at 4pm PT.  Submission requirements and nomination forms are available online or by phoning 604-873-7056.

The Heritage Awards will be presented in spring 2019. The awards are presented every other year, most recently in 2017.

The City of Vancouver oversees a comprehensive heritage management program to help protect, restore and rehabilitate as many sites as possible. Initiatives such as the Heritage Awards help increase the visibility of Vancouver's significant historical sites, and public awareness and appreciation of our built heritage and history.