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From sideways rain to sushi, celebrating what it means to be a Vancouverite

April 2 2015

Kitsilano Beach Park

Vancouver is turning 129 on April 6 and to celebrate we asked our Talk Vancouver panel members to let us know what they thought defined what it is to be a Vancouverite - from umbrellas to sushi to sideways rain.

Over 1,160 panel members responded, many of whom also shared their own unique story of how they celebrate the date that they moved to Vancouver or their birthday, if they were born here - their "Vanniversary".

How we describe Vancouver

"Beautiful" topped the list of words people choose to describe Vancouver and while half of the respondents decried sideways rain as the worst sort of rain (56%), more than a third said a bit of gentle Spring rain was their favourite (35%).

Places to take a date

Spanish Banks topped the list for favourite beach, but Kits Beach beat it out for best place to people watch-and if you only have eyes for one person, then English Bay is your best bet, as it ranked the highest for best beach to take a date to.

Speaking of dates, Stanley Park topped the list of must-see places to visit along with some further food for thought:

  • 57% of respondents know how to order dim sum
  • 69% agreed with the statement "I eat sushi all the time"

What we have in common

Many respondents also agreed to the following points:

  • Bought a pair of red 2010 Olympic mittens (44%)
  • Like the Canucks when they are winning (55%)
  • Agree with the statement "Toronto: ugh" (56%)
  • Like to remind others that they love living in Vancouver (75%)

Among the results, August is the most celebrated "Vanniversary" month, with 17% of those surveyed saying they either came to Vancouver or have their birthday in that month.

A few comments from respondents

Below are some comments from panelists on how they celebrate their Vanniversary:

  • "We arrived here on April 1, 1988 at 4am and went to Denny's. We go out for Denny's breakfast every April 1st."
  • "I just tell everyone who'll listen, that I arrived in Vancouver 25 years ago this coming May 20."
  • "I pack a lunch, set up at the beach and stay all day."

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