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Children's arts and fitness tax credits

April 4 2013

Child painting in art class

Did your child participate in a registered recreation program(s) at a Vancouver community centre, pool, or rink in 2012? Depending on the program(s) duration and type, you may be eligible for two different tax credits. 

Claim up to a maximum of $500 per child for registration fees paid in 2012 for your, your spouse's, or common-law partner's child in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational, or developmental activity. You can also claim up to a maximum of $500 per child for registration fees paid in a prescribed program of physical activity. Programs must be ongoing (a minimum duration of eight consecutive weeks or in the case of children's camps, five consecutive days).

Find out more about the tax credits and your eligibility by visiting the following Canada Revenue Agency websites:

Sign-in to your online recreation account to look through your child's registration history for eligible programs and to view receipts.