lady and child outside store in Chinatown

Chinatown Transformation Team invites community to work on sustaining neighbourhood's living heritage

October 25 2018 –

The City's Chinatown Transformation Team is working toward a new planning effort in Chinatown that will focus on supporting the community to sustain the neighbourhood's legacy for future generations.

Meet our Chinatown Transformation Team

Join the team for a meet and greet event to learn more about their work and how to get involved:

When:  Saturday, October 27, 2018  from 2 - 5 p.m.
Where: Chinatown House, 188 East Pender Street, Vancouver

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About the team

The CTT is a dedicated staff team formed in September 2018 to work with the community and key partners on creating a plan and implementing actions that focus on living heritage and culture for a vibrant Chinatown, with the main areas of interest being:

  • Tangible and intangible living heritage and culture
  • Business and economic development
  • Intergenerational relationships and community capacity building
  • Relationships with communities around Chinatown

Living heritage

Living heritage refers to things beyond buildings and artifacts. It includes living expressions of culture that are inherited from ancestors, practiced in everyday lives, and passed on to descendants. It can include traditions, language, cuisine, performing arts, festivals, and other types of specific knowledge and skills.

Keeping Chinatown's living heritage alive and vibrant maintains the neighbourhood's authenticity, promotes cultural diversity in our city, supports economic development, and advances reconciliation by honouring the legacy of the community.

Cultural Heritage Assets Management Plan for Chinatown

The work of the CTT and community will identify priority projects, actions, additional partners, and resources to create a new Cultural Heritage Assets Management Plan for Chinatown.

The plan is a key component of the overall process towards a possible application for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation for Chinatown.

There will be a range of opportunities for the community and stakeholders to be involved in co-creating the plan. The input of residents, stakeholders, and people from all parts of the city will be important in helping to foster a Chinatown that reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.