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City and Province partner on winter shelter plan

November 17 2016

Province and City of Vancouver partner to provide winter shelters

This winter, Vancouver's most vulnerable individuals will have access to a warm and safe place to stay at a number of additional shelters.

The BC government will provide approximately $1.2 million and we will contribute $500,000 for 192 winter response shelter spaces.

The following locations will operate until the end of March or April 2017, and most will be open 24/7:

  • 134 E Cordova (40 beds)
  • 119 E Cordova (30 beds)
  • 49 W Cordova (30 beds)
  • 1648 East 1st (40 beds)
  • 1138 Burrard (12 beds – for youth only)
  • 1401 Hornby (40 beds – opening December 1)

We're ensuring the shelters are properly equipped before opening. Non-profit partners are responsible for day-to-day operations.

Clients at the winter shelters will:

  • Be provided with meals
  • Have access to health services
  • Be directed to programs that can assist in finding more permanent, stable housing

The provincially-funded Carnegie Outreach Team will also connect with homeless people currently sleeping outside to ensure they're aware of the shelters in their areas, and the programs and supports available.

The winter response shelters are in addition to 957 permanent, year-round shelter spaces in Vancouver.


"Shelters play a key role in addressing homelessness in the province. These shelters will do more than provide a warm place to stay during the winter months – staff will help connect people who are homeless with support services and stable housing."
– Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing

"Emergency winter shelters fill a critical gap in making sure people are connected with outreach workers and services that will support transition into safe, stable, permanent housing. These winter shelters aren't a permanent solution, but by providing meals, a warm place to sleep, and connecting residents with health services, our partnership with the Province is a first step in making a real difference in getting people off the streets and into more permanent homes."
– Mayor Gregor Robertson, City of Vancouver

"We're looking forward to building relationships with people who've been living on the street and connecting them with services and permanent housing. Each year we work together with our neighbours and maintain healthy partnerships in each community."
– Greg Richmond, co-executive director, RainCity Housing