City appoints new Aboriginal relations manager

Vancouver City Hall
March 18 2016 –

We have appointed Ginger Gosnell-Myers as the new Aboriginal relations manager. Ginger will work across all City departments to bridge Aboriginal policies, programs, and relations.

Having been with the City since 2013 as the aboriginal planner, Ginger has helped advance Vancouver as the world's first official City of Reconciliation. Previous to that, Ginger worked on the Environics Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study (UAPS) as both project manager and public engagement director.

The UAPS is Canada's largest research study on Aboriginal people living in urban environments and has become the leading research on urban Aboriginal people's values, aspirations, experiences, and identity.

Ginger has also been a keynote speaker at many provincial, national, and international events, including the:

  • International Indigenous Women and Wellness Conference
  • Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples
  • United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples. 

Her commitment to advancing Aboriginal issues led her to work as the western assistant to the late and former Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Development Andy Scott, advising the minister on issues pertaining to British Columbia and Alberta.

Ginger will take on her new role as the aboriginal relations manager starting April 4, 2016.